Invited speakers
Vladimer Baladze

(Co)Shape Classifications of Continuous Maps, their Algebraic Functors and Dimensional Type Functions

  Alexander Bufetov

Ergodic Decomposition of Infinite Unitarily-Invariant Measures on Spaces of Infinite Complex Matrices
Roland Duduchava

Mellin Convolution Equations in Bessel Potential Spaces
Merab Gogberashvili

Gravi-Electro Analogies in the Past and Future
Zakaria Giunashvili, Guram Gogishvili, Teimuraz Vepkhvadze, Ekaterine Kordzadze

On the Role of the History of Mathematics in Teaching of Mathematics
Omar Glonti

The Measure of Dependence of Two Brownian Functionals
Tornike Kadeishvili

On the Multiplicative Structure in the Bar Construction
Alexander Kvinikhidze

Gauge Invariant EFT for Dressed Nucleons
Alexander Meskhi

Multisublinear Maximal Operators in Banach Function
Mohammad Sal Moslehian

Operator Chebyshev Type Inequalities and their
Dmitri Orlov

Smooth Noncommutative Varieties, their Gluing and Phantoms
Konstantine Pkhakadze

Shalva Pkhakadze’s Notation Theory and the
Georgian Theory of the Genesis of the Different Natural Language Systems
  Armen Sergeev

Harmonic Spheres and Yang-Mills Fields
Samson Shatashvili

Yang-Yang Functional, Gauge Theory and Quantisation
of Integrable Systems
Leon A. Takhtajan

On Spectral Theory of One-Functional Difference Operator
Cem Yalçın Yildirim

Some Analogues of Pair Correlation of Zeta Zeros