Thematic Sessions


Variational Methods and Applications




                         V.A. Kovtunenko                                                        A.I. Oleinikov                                                                 V.M. Sadovskii

                           Graz, Austria                                                            Moscow, Russia                                                          Krasnoyarsk, Russia



The thematic session is devoted to variational methods as they appear in need of mathematical theory, optimization and numerical algorithms, engineering sciences. Variational techniques are highly useful in forward as well as inverse PDE problems to take into account nonlinearities which appear due to modeling plenty of phenomena. 


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

1.  non-linearity, non-smoothness, non-convexity, dual and entropy approaches,

2.  control, shape and topology optimization, structure design, fracture or non-destructive testing,

3.  inverse scattering, electro-kinetics, photo-voltaic, micro-biological and bacteria issues,

4.  contact interaction, plasticity, granular, Cosserat and other dissipative physics.


Abstract variational theories as well as numerical simulations and various applications in mechanical, physical, geological, and bio-medical sciences are welcomed.