Invited speakers  
Ahmet Okay, Çelebi

Neumann Problem in Polydomains

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Mikhail Belishev

Metric spaces, lattices, atoms, and models

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Paata Ivanishvili

A problem about partitions

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  Anastasia Kisil

Approximate matrix Wiener-Hopf factorisation and applications to problems in acoustics

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Vladimir Kisil

Geometric Dynamics of a Harmonic Oscillator, Non-Admissible Mother Wavelets and Squeezed States

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Yuri Movsisjan

Representations of free algebras of varieties and hypervarieties
Taras Panov

Right-angled polytopes, hyperbolic manifolds and torus actions

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Reinhold Schneider

Tensor product Approximation and Variational Monte Carlo for Uncertainty Quantification

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Andrei Shkalikov

Multipliers in Sobolev spaces and application to the theory of differential operators with distribution coefficients

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Alexander Soldatov

The Riemann- Hilbert problem for the Moisil-Teodoresku system

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  Vladimir Vershinin

Braids, Lie algebras and homotopy groups of spheres

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Vladimir Vladimirov

Vibrodynamics as a best area of applied mathematics

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Richard Webb

How non-positively curved is the mapping class group?

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Roland Duduchava, Omar Purtukhia

100 year of Alma Mater

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Vaja Tarieladze

Compatible topologies for vector spaces and Abelian groups

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Vakhtang Kokilashvili

New trends in function spaces theory and applications to Boundary Value Problems

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Malkhaz Bakuradze

On addition theorems for elliptic genera

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Mamuka Jibladze, Alexander Elashvili

Frobenius Lie algebras and q-hypergeometric functions

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Alexander Kvinikhidze

Charge Distribution and Currents in Nuclei

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Giorgi Oniani

Differentiation of integrals with respect to translation invariant convex density bases

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